Hotel Santorini – Nikos Adrianopoulos

Hotel Santorini

Kanelli Showroom
May 18, 2018
Bioclimatic Residence
May 17, 2018

Hotel Santorini

Architectural Design, Layout, Landscape, Interiors, Lighting Design

Τhe project involves the masterplan, the architectural study as well as the interior design and the creation of the surrounding space, aiming to give birth to a complete touristic infrastructure which will provide high quality services.

Santorini’s morphological rules restrain design limits. Considering that the particular property is located in the east side of the island and has limited view to the sea, an introverted architectural approach was deemed more appropriate. That was accomplished with the creation of a new point of interest; a centrally placed water element that connects both sides of the hotel complex and evokes the illusion of a non-ending river.

All rooms enjoy unobstructed view to the main swimming pool but there are also villas with private swimming pools. The concept’s main goal was to create a representation of a traditional village where everything happens around the central square. Small alleys between the buildings lead to the main area where the lobby and restaurant are located.

The unique pattern that decorates the floor unites all outdoor spaces. Santorini’s local dark stone and rough plaster surfaces emphasize the architectural concept. Τhe perforated facades, inspired by traditional dovecotes, are an alternative approach to the traditional Greek architecture.

The lighting study underlines the high parts of this space, delimits the ‘river-like’ pool and reinforces the perforated façade, creating movement scenarios on it. Conversely, during the day, lighting scenarios play the same role.